SecureCRT On Ubuntu 20.04

SecureCRT On Ubuntu 20.04

Vandyke’s SecureCRT is a SSH terminal and session manager with incredibly advanced features. I’ve lived by it for over 5 years and is easily the first application I need working on any system I plan to use for work.

Vandyke has done a tremendous job of making available, maintaining, and keeping feature parity for Linux users. It’s approach to Linux releases is well scoped, and they stick to their lane.

They release packages for RHEL/Fedora and Ubuntu for the latest LTS release, and eventually the intermediary releases. However, as new version of Ubuntu are released, Vandyke seems to lag in releasing official packages that work out of box. They do get there eventually though.

However, since I’m not a huge fan of waiting to jump on to an LTS, I tried installing the Ubuntu 19.10 SecureCRT package on my newly built Ubuntu 20.04 install. As expected, it didn’t work out of the box, but it was relatively simple to get going. You only need two packages, officially available from the repositories.

This was a bit of a requirement for me. On an LTS, on my main system, I avoid PPAs and custom edits, symlinks, etc like the pla..COVID-19. So I was pleased the workaround satisfied my support OCD.

First Package – libpython2.7

You may already have this package installed due to other software relying on it. Since I’m going for a minimal feel without any desktop environment, I didn’t. The package is available from the official repositories however.

sudo apt install libpython2.7

Second Package – ICU

ICU is a package that is used by applications to deal with international characters and unicode. Your system already has this package installed, however it is a newer package than what SecureCRT expects. No worries, we can go back and download the package from the security repository of Ubuntu 19.10 and install in our Ubuntu 20.04 system pretty cleanly.

Download the version 63 package we need here.

Then install it manually using dpkg.

sudo dpkg -i libicu63_63.*_amd64.deb 

That’s It!

Now if you install the SecureCRT packages from Vandyke for Ubuntu 19.10, everything should work perfectly.

When Vandyke releases an official package support Ubuntu 20.04, you will be able to install that without issue. No need for cleanup. The libicu63 package we installed can safely stay on your system and won’t harm anything.

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