About Me

I've never been particularly good talking (or writing) about myself. I'm just a geek who loves Linux, PHP, and open protocols. I'm creative and like to create problems just so I can find a solution. I like keeping things on my own servers and network whenever possible. Other than that, I love to read. If you called and I didn't pick up, I probably had my Kindle Paperwhite or Voyage in my hand.

Professionally, I'm a systems administrator with tons of experience on Ubuntu, CentOS, and other similar operating systems. While being a somewhat jack of all trades, I like to consider my primary skill in web application development wih PHP, MySQL, and awesome frameworks like Laravel. It's usually easier to introduce myself as a web consultatnt though.

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Things I'm Good At

Laravel PHP SQL MySQL Linux Ubuntu CentOS Git Apache NGINX Communication Public Speaking Technical Writing Teaching CSS Strategic Planning Time Management cPanel BASH OpenVZ Web Development Web Hosting Mail Server System Administration Twitter Bootstrap

Things I'm Okay With

Javascript Python

On The Web

Not a big fan of volunteering tons of data, information, and my life's day to day record to third party companies, so you won't find me on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. However, I can't hide form all corners of the internet; Here's a few places around the tubes you might run into me.

Git Server LinkedIn Geeked Goodreads StackExchange

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